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Front Loading Tapered Interlocks

Product Focus

Tapered Interlocks provide positive metal-to-metal mold registry to align mould halves, mould plates or individual cavities and cores. At least two sets are recommended for small molds or inserts, four for medium-size molds and six or more for large molds.

Whilst we stock various types of Round Tapered Interlocks, the Euro design offers destinct advantages in that it is "front-loading" - The cap screw used to secure the interlocks in place enters through the front of the unit as compared to through the back of the plate in other designs.


This results offers an extreme advantage! Should alignment problems occur during production, the units can be accessesed and replaced from the split line whilst the mould is still in the machine. In other designs the mould would need to be removed from the machine and stripped in order to access the cap screws from behind the plate in which the tapered interlock is secured.

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