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Collapsible Cores

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Two designs are available:


1) RT Series Collapsible Cores

The RT Series Collapsible Cores are available in sizes to fit most inside detail applications. Whether molding threads or complex details, these cores can simplify design and production. Collapsible Cores allow for smaller molds to run faster cycles with less moving parts.

MiniCores® utilize unique technology for molding plastic parts with threads or details normally requiring complex unscrewing or side action mechanisms.

 Collapsible Cores and Mini-Cores - RT Series

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2) Dove Tail Cores

Dove Tail Collapsible Cores, a relatively new design for molding and releasing undercuts, offer several advantages over the traditional Collapsible Cores.  The compact design and patented Quick Lock system allows for servicing within the moulding machine and are available in numerous standard sizes to accommodate many cap and closure designs.  In addition, it is possible to mould parallel sides using the Dove Tail Design - a feature not possible with the CC range.

 Collapsible Dove-tail Cores - DT Series

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