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Progressive Side Locks provide positive guidance between cavities and cores.  Pockets are machined on the side with the mold halves assembled.  Available with dissimilar steels, heat treated to different hardnesses, or with industry-standard similar steel specs, Progressive Side Locks out-perform the competition.


Stainless Steel Side Locks:

Extremely cost effective option!

 Side Locks - Stainless Steel


Z-Series Alignment Locks:        

Guaranteed not to fail for the entire life of the tool! (Written guarantee available)

The Z-Series Alignment Locks have been engineered to outperform other styles in independent testing.  Since their introduction in the US in 2012, they have been tested and proven to show no wear even after two million cycles, when others would fail, often after only 40,000 cycles.  This is achieved through a combination of engagement geometry, materials and treatments, particulate capturing, and lubrication distribution.

Benefits include:
• Longevity that far surpasses others, confirmed by extensive independent lab testing as well as monitoring performance in harsh, ‘real world’ conditions.
• Exclusive features maintain clean and consistent lubrication
• Guide Lock, Side Lock and Top Lock styles available.

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