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Melt contaminated by metallic, inorganic particles and / or foreign plastic etc., can lead  to time consuming and costly delays in production that require removal of the machine nozzle or, in extreme cases, the complete disassembly of a Hot Runner system to clean out a blockage.This is particularly prevalent when moulding with a high percentage of Regrind Plastic where the frequency of contamination is high.

Fortunately there are  two solutions which help alleviate this situation:

  • The Ring Gap Filter Nozzle fits onto your moulding machine. This in the long run is the ideal, most cost effective solution if you running a number of  different moulds all using regrind material.

  • For smaller applications the Mould Gap Filter fits into individual moulds. This is a cheaper option for application to just one mould, but each mould will need it’s own filter.

Both options are extremely quick and easy to clean.


WSF Mould Filter

MSF Machine Ring-gap Filter

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